zach polWest Pomerania is located in the north-western corner of Poland, with its borders with German Meklemburgia and Brandenburgia in the west, and the coast of Baltic sea in the north.

When talking about West Pomerania, probably most of people are thinking: the sea and the beach. These are good associations, but people who expect something more than just the coast should also realize such notions as sailing, canoeing, diving, windsurfing or kitesurfing. Due to a large number of lakes, rivers, and also the coast, water tourism in the area has the potential for growth. Simply put: We have ideal conditions for water madness.

We are living actively also on the land. The rich landscape is a perfect background for bike trails, horse riding, hiking or Nordic walking. In addition, we combine business with pleasure. For instance golf tourism in the region is on the European level and attracts fans from all around the world.

In our little encyclopaedic description we should not forget to mention health resorts. We have five reputable SPA’s: Swinoujscie, Kamien Pomorski, Kołobrzeg, Połczyn Zdroj and Dabki and very well-developed network of centers of Wellness & Spa.

It is enough of encyclopaedia terms. We will create our own definition of West Pomerania on this blog!