The project AżPoMorze was established in 2014 in order to create a new definition of West Pomerania. AżPoMorze directly translated means ?To the sea?. In the project we want to show that our region is not only the sandy beaches in the summer, but it is also an area characterized by hundreds of possibilities of active vacations combined with exceptionally beautiful natural setting, also after the season. The AżPoMorze project is meant to help discover the charms of West Pomerania for those who are not familiar with them yet.

To be able to present it all, in July 2014 we created the blog along with the announcement of the recruitment for the best job in Poland. In the recruitment for the Dream job, we selected a blogger – Anita Demianowicz (click ? only in Polish), whose task was a thirty-day trip around West Pomerania in September and publishing impressions of her journey on the blog. For Anita we prepared the program full of the active forms of leisure, but also moments of relaxing. It was active and vivid! We were on the water and on land, lake districts and the sea. The blogger had a chance to take part in activities such as kayaking, playing golf, off road, scuba diving, relaxing in SPA, horseback riding, sailing and plenty of other attractions. See for yourself what happened during the first edition of Dream job (click ? only in Polish).

The project AżPoMorze, however, did not finish after Anita?s travels. Throughout the year, we organized competitions and conducted polls on the blog and our social media sites. One of the biggest campaigns was a poll on the most romantic place in the West Pomerania (click ? only in Polish). Out of the twenty-six places from the whole region our readers chose Stawa Mills in Swinoujscie which became the most romantic place in West Pomerania, and on February 14th received a certificate and award title.

In 2015 we decided to introduce changes to the blog. This year for the trip around West Pomerania we invited not only to a Polish person, but also a globetrotter from another European country. Among the candidates for The best of job in Europe we have chosen two people – traveler from England, Matt Scott and traveler from Poland Marcin Mossakowski (click). In the second edition of the Dream job the formula of the blog has changed slightly. In addition to a written blog there will be also videos recorded while traveling the West Pomerania. Therefore, this year’s blog posts from the trip will be even more interesting! As in 2014 the program of the trip is really tight, so the globetrotters will have their hands full of work.

We invite you to follow the journey on the blog, as well as on AżPoMorze social media sites – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There is plenty to do in West Pomerania, even after the season!